What You Should Know About Relocating to a New Neighborhood

Choosing where to live in Philly can be a challenging decision, especially if you are moving from a neighborhood you know well to one with which you are not as familiar. While finding a home that you love is important, other factors can affect your quality of life once you walk out the front door. These helpful tips can give you food for thought when pondering a new location in Philadelphia.


Commuting has changed greatly over the past year and while you might not be considering your commute currently, it is an important factor whether you plan to go back to the office full or part-time in the future. Do you live to work or work to live? Either way, living far from your place of employment may make commuting a twice-a-day headache that detracts from your happiness. When you shop for real estate, have an idea of what the transportation options are for your area. Will you use public transport or do you need a car? Do you have parking or will you have to look for on-street spaces? These factors may make a difference in where you choose to settle down. 


Your lifestyle is another major factor that affects your decision to select a new Philly neighborhood. Some buyers want the best schools, while others prefer to be within walking distance of shops and restaurants. Green spaces can also add to your inclinations. Are you close to parks and trees or does that not matter? Consider these aspects of a neighborhood that are on your checklist to narrow down your choices.


Even the swankiest neighborhood may not matter if you do not feel safe when living there. Talk to friends or friendly people in the area to see what concerns they have or any issues they may have experienced. Look into the crime rates, but keep in mind that statistics may not always paint the clearest picture; this can be especially true for up-and-coming neighborhoods. We always suggest driving, walking or biking around your new favorite neighborhood at different times to get a better idea of how safe you feel.  


One of the best ways to get the true feel of a neighborhood is to walk it yourself. Observe it at different times of day and evening throughout the week. Does it have a warm community feeling? Are people out and about? What is the noise level like? Are the streets busy? What about cleanliness? By visiting it several times, you can get a better sense of what a Philly neighborhood, such as Manayunk, Fishtown, and Bella Vista, is like, instead of relying on what you notice on a quick stroll or a dinner out.
By working with the Ian Perler Team, you can get the real scoop on what it is like to relocate to one of the hip & trendy or tried-and-true neighborhoods in Philadelphia.  We can help you with comps and show you properties that work for your lifestyle and budget. Contact us to get started.

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