Tips To Stay Safe When You Move During a Pandemic

Any time you move, it can be a big undertaking, and the amount of stress and work you have can be worsened with the current Covid-19 pandemic. Luckily, most cities around the country, including Philly, have begun to re-emerge from sheltering in place, and real estate sales and moves are again taking place. If you have an upcoming move, plan ahead and take precautions to prevent any spread of germs as you go to your new home. These tips and tricks can keep you safe and healthy as you prepare to move.

Limit Contact

Some moving companies have gone contact-free in light of the pandemic. Look online or call to see if you can get an estimate or schedule a move without an in-home visit. It may be easier than you think for a mover to estimate the size and scope of your move without going room to room.

Ask the Right Questions

Have a thorough conversation with any potential movers about what steps they have taken to reduce transmission of disease. You may want to know this information:

  • How do you screen employees for signs of Covid? Has anyone on your moving team tested positive?
  • Do you provide masks and gloves to your movers? What about hand sanitizer?
  • How many workers are involved for each move?
  • Have you made any other changes in your business practices with Covid in mind?
  • What is your cancellation or rescheduling policy if a homeowner becomes ill with coronavirus?
  • Do you have storage available for homeowners who may be in the middle of a move when a delay arises?

Check with several moving companies to find one that is working hard to keep both you and its staff disease-free.

Consider Packing Materials

In the past, while moving, it may have been likely to go to stores or other neighbors to find moving boxes and packing materials. In the current environment, you may prefer to acquire your packing supplies from one trusted source to limit exposure by going to several locations. Recycling the boxes is still possible at the end of your move, even if reusing them may not be advised currently.

Clean Everything

Once you arrive at your new destination, you should deep clean your new home before you unpack and get settled. Disinfect surfaces and high-touch areas such as switch plates, doorknobs, appliance handles, and faucets. For more ideas to avoid germs during your move, contact The Ian Perler Team. With extensive knowledge of the real estate market, our office can help you with advice for safe moving practices as well as what’s available in the hottest Philly neighborhoods.

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