The Hottest Housing Design Trends of 2021

Last year, most of us spent more time in our Philly homes than we thought possible, and that experience has shaped the housing trends for 2021. This year, the theme for home interior design focuses on comfort, as the direction swings away from cold, neutral palettes and minimalism. Here are some of the housing trends you may want to include in your decor, whether you are moving into new real estate or updating your existing home. 

Granny Chic

Also known as grand-millennial style, this design trend brings a nostalgic, eclectic feel to any room. Create this effect by incorporating vintage or antique pieces, floral prints, and traditional shapes with bold colors for a more mix-and-match, cozy vibe. The trick to pulling off this look is balance and scale; you don’t want to over-accessorize or crowd your space with too much stuff or too many patterns. 

Playful Walls

Clinical, white walls are on their way out; people want the warmth and texture that paint and wallpaper deliver in a big way. Peel-and-stick wallpaper can dress up a half-bath or define a home office, while dark, dramatic colors such as gray and navy, earthy tones of terra cotta or brown, or soft pastels including blush and coastal blue add a touch of luxury and depth. Make sure your space has enough natural light to keep it bright and open. 

Natural Influences

What is more life-affirming than houseplants scattered throughout your Philly home? Plants add a needed pop of color to an otherwise neutral space, and while they are at it, they also give you a hobby that is the perfect blend of responsibility and reward. Bring in other natural elements to complete your vision, such as rustic wood furniture, wicker accents, and marble tabletops or stone counters.

Smart Storage

With the continued focus on open spaces and minimal clutter, homeowners want better storage solutions in every room. Consider some of these ideas for your home:

  • Make use of vertical space with shelving or modular units inside or in the garage
  • Add utility with electrical outlets in drawers in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Install closet systems with racks and shelves to maximize space
  • Consider a wall bed, also called a Murphy bed, to turn an office into a guest room

Are you ready for a change for the new year? Why not start with new real estate that suits your lifestyle? Contact the Ian Perler team to see what’s available in your favorite Philly neighborhoods and how your favorite trends can add livable luxury to a new home in 2021.

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