Local Business Spotlight: Neighborhood Potters

Behind the Business

Sandi Pierantozzi and Neil Patterson never expected their Pottery business to turn into what it is today but back when they were looking for a space to make their work and hold their pottery classes, a space became available on Fairmount Avenue and they seized it! For 22 years Neighborhood Potters has been a place for novice, experienced, and even just the curious to come and exercise their creative muscles with pottery classes. After purchasing the property in 2000 and after heavy renovations (over the next 6 years!), the couple had their space for a working pottery studio. They really wanted a place to bring their love of the community of Fairmount and their love of education and pottery together. Even their name came from the residents of Fairmount. “Neighborhood Potters” was what they were nicknamed and it stuck!

Community engagement and teaching are what are important to Neighborhood Potters. The second floor is dedicated to classrooms while the first floor is reserved for making their own creations as well as showcasing their teacher’s works and selling pottery as well as jewelry.

Why Fairmount

Sandi and Neil chose Fairmount as the home of Neighborhood Potters because they already lived in and loved the Fairmount Area. They were truly “the Neighborhood Potters!” As residents of Fairmount since 1978, they were already aware of the great potential of Fairmount Ave. They love the neighborhood, the sense of community, and the long-term relationships they have formed with students and customers. They have truly formed a family with the residents of Fairmount.

Adapting During COVID

Covid affected Neighborhood Potters the same way it did to many other small businesses. They were forced to temporarily close and not hold any in-person classes, but this break did provide an opportunity to establish online shopping on their website. A task that had been sitting on the back burner for a while. They also allowed for window shopping and curbside pickup. The neighbors and residents of Fairmount really came out in support of Neighborhood Potters, specifically Fairmount CDC and Spring Garden CDC. While business did take a hit because they could not hold in-person classes, online and curbside purchases increased all because of their loyal customers. While they still prefer to do business in person and are grateful that they are able to again, they will offer occasional online sales events.

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