How To Spice Up Your Philly Home With Curb Appeal

When listing a home on the market, most homeowners spruce up both the interior and exterior to make it attractive to potential buyers. Suburban homeowners can do this with additional landscaping or yard work, but for city dwellers, curb appeal may take more creativity to make a difference in the value of real estate. Here are the top tips to renovate the exterior of your home before you sell it.

Under Pressure

Before you do anything to update the front of your city home, start with a clean surface. Power washing can take care of stains or dirt buildup on steps, brick, sidewalk and siding of your home’s façade, giving it a fresh, tidy look. If you do not have a big budget for exterior updates, pressure washing is an easy and inexpensive option, one that you may be able to do yourself.

Over Coat

What better way to jazz up the front entrance of your Philly home than with a fresh coat of paint? Painted brick continues to trend and can give even a traditional home a modern edge. If that is too big of an undertaking, stick with just the door itself or paint the railing, shutters, and window trim as well. Exterior house paint is available in many colors and finishes, so be prepared to do a little investigating to see what looks best for your property or in your area.

Ever Green

If you live in one of Philly’s hot neighborhoods, you may not have much of a front yard to worry about, but you can still add greenery to brighten up your entrance. Think about container gardens, window boxes, or a decorative urn with topiary to add a bit of wow. Just be sure to water and prune your plants to keep them looking fresh until after closing.

Through Light

Take a moment to consider updating fixtures, such as an outdoor wall-mounted or overhead light, new house numbers, or changing out hardware, including door knobs, locks, knockers, or hinges. These aspects of your home’s exterior are often overlooked but can make a big difference with new items in the latest styles. These suggestions on their own or all together can have a transformative effect on your real estate property. For other tips to add curb appeal, contact the team at Ian Perler Team, either online or by calling (267) 607-9099. We can show you what other homeowners have done to improve their home’s exterior and add value in the process.

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