How To Prepare Your House for Showings During the Holidays

Selling a house over the holiday season can be tricky, although, in Philly’s hip neighborhoods, the market is still busy. Of course, you should not expect a bidding war over your real estate property during this time, but you can do a few simple things to make your home warm and inviting. These suggestions for holiday staging and decorating may make the difference between a fast sale and a stagnant listing.

Amplify Your Curb Appeal

In spring and summer, you can count on lush greenery and colorful flowers to catch the eye of a potential buyer, but in winter, the outside of any home can look drab and dreary. Take this opportunity to spruce up the exterior with attractive outdoor decorations. Aiming for the most lights on your block may not impress buyers, but simple strings of lights or garlands can set the tone for what is inside. Be sure to clean your gutters and walkways to keep your property pristine and safe for visitors.

Decorate With a Light Touch

Once inside, a buyer wants to imagine what everyday living and holiday celebrating may look like in your home. The holiday season is the perfect time of year to do it if you do not go overboard when decorating. The aim here is to have your real estate look ready for a holiday photoshoot, stylish yet cozy. Here are some dos and don’ts to consider:

Remember that you are creating an illusion, so keep it festive but understated. Less is more when it comes to seasonal decorations.

  • Do remove clutter, everything from everyday mail to large decoration collections
  • Don’t display overly religious décor that may be off-putting to prospective buyers
  • Do use fresh, fragrant greenery to add color and seasonal flair along banisters or mantle pieces
  • Don’t use fragile or sentimental ornaments, tree toppers, or other decorations that may break during a showing
  • Do play seasonal music softly to create ambiance
  • Don’t put real gifts under the Christmas tree
  • Do offer holiday treats such as cookies, hot cocoa, or mulled cider to add a delicious aroma at your showing

Prepare for Seasonal Showings

With careful staging to showcase your home during the holidays, you can get ahead of the competitive real estate market and start your new year right when you close on the sale. Before you think about listing your property, talk to Philly experts Ian Perler and his team. We have advice for successful real estate buying and selling any time of the year. Visit us online or call (267) 607-9099 to get started.

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