Buying or Selling Real Estate in 2024? Here’s What to Expect

Over the past year, I’ve engaged in numerous discussions with potential homeowners and sellers regarding market conditions in and around the city. With ample information available, now is an opportune moment to provide an honest overview of what this year may hold. It’s crucial to note that real estate dynamics are hyperlocal, varying from neighborhood to neighborhood and city to suburbs. The following examples aim to give you insights into the general market trends in the area.

In the coming year, the real estate market is expected to face tight inventory due to increased homebuyer demand. The Federal Reserve plans rate cuts, easing interest rates throughout 2024. The combination of high demand and low inventory may lead to a significant rise in home prices and multiple offer situations.

Market Scenario:

  • A home listed at $600,000 today may require an offer of $640,000 in 3 to 6 months due to increased competition.
  • Assuming a 20% down payment, with today’s 6% interest rate, the monthly payment is $2,878. In three months, with a 5% rate, the payment would be $2,749.
    • The difference in monthly payment is $129.


  • While a lower interest rate may result in a higher purchase price, buying today could save $40,000 on the home.
  • It would take approximately 25.83 years to break even on the additional monthly loan cost of $129.
  • Considering the average US ownership period of 10-12 years, this could result in an overall savings of $21,424 to $24,520 during ownership.

Additional Factors:

  • Purchasing now provides less competition in the current market.
  • Buying before spring and summer may lead to lower overall costs.
  • Future refinancing opportunities may arise, taking advantage of projected lower interest rates.

Determining the optimal time to buy or sell in real estate is challenging, given diverse needs and market unpredictability. For potential homebuyers in 2024, finding a home sooner appears to be the most financially advantageous. If you’re considering both buying and selling this year, as multiple offers become more common, securing a home sale contingency may be challenging. Entering the market sooner might allow for an easier purchase of your next home while taking advantage of a strong market. If you’re one of the lucky homes that is just waiting for the perfect time to sell, aiming to maximize your previous home’s value, late spring and early summer could be prime time to capitalize on market conditions.

For those considering buying or selling real estate in 2024, strategic planning is crucial. Contact us today to discuss your specific situation and explore how we can assist you in making the best financial decisions for your needs.

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