5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe During Your Summer Vacation

When you are preparing for your summer vacation, you tend to concentrate on the destination, not the home you are leaving. Unfortunately, your real estate may be at its most vulnerable while you are away, and the last thing you want to deal with when you come home is a robbery. That’s why home security should be part of your packing checklist before you go out of town. These five tips can help you protect your Philly home while you are on vacation.

Curb Appeal

It’s pretty easy for a burglar can tell if homeowners are away. A full mailbox, packages by the door, a pile of newspapers in the drive, or an overgrown lawn are clear signs that someone is not at home. Depending on how long you will be out of town, you may want to have mail delivery stopped or have a neighbor collect it for you. Arrange for lawn service to keep your yard tidy as well.

Don’t Make It Easy

Lock your doors and windows, all of them. It should go without saying, but you should visually check each window and door, even the ones you don’t use often, to make sure nothing gets left open. Don’t forget about the door from the garage or balcony, if you have them.

That Lived-in Look

A house that remains dark, day after day, is another sure sign that you are out of town. Not only should you leave a light or two on while you are away, but you should also use timers to turn on and off the lights in rooms that are visible from outside. You can even go high-tech with smart lighting that lets you program lights from an app on your phone.

Be a good neighbor

Ask a neighbor or two to keep an eye on your home while you are on vacation, or alert your Philly neighborhood watch to make them aware of the dates of your trip. It’s a lot easier to ask the people who live near you to check on things every day than it is to inconvenience a friend who is not so close, and you can reciprocate when your neighbors travel to pay them back.

Avoid Oversharing

All those wonderful vacation pictures that your friends post on social media are advertising a vacant home. Don’t be that person who lets everyone else know how empty and inviting your house is by sharing all your plans.

For more helpful tips to keep your residential real estate property safe during your summer vacation, contact Mr. Philly Real Estate online or call me at (267) 607-9099 for more information.

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