5 Professional Tips for Organizing Your Space

Do you feel like you are running out of room in your Philly home? When homeowners think they need more space, they tend to do one of two things: either search for new real estate or start cleaning and organizing. The truth is that most people can improve their organizational skills to remove clutter and make their homes more functional. These five tips from the pros can help you on the path to better organization.

Appraise Your Stuff

Begin an organizational overhaul by taking inventory of what you have. Tackle one room at a time by laying everything out and see what you have stored there. Do not forget closets, dressers, and under beds; take it all out and look it over.

Sort With Intention

This may be one of the hardest tips for some people because you must make tough decisions. Professional organizers recommend three piles at least, one for what you plan to keep, one for what you can recycle or donate, and one to throw away. You can break down those piles again by room, season, or other ways in which you use each item.

Remove From the Premises

It is one thing to make a pile to donate or trash; it is quite another to follow through. Determine what should go, and then schedule a deadline to get it out of your house. It is easier to part ways with something that is not in good condition or items that you have many of, and non-profits in Philly are happy to accept your donations. We have several local charities that we’d be happy to recommend. 

Create a System

Decide how you want to improve your organization with what you have left. It is more important to figure out your system than it is to buy cute baskets and shelving, which you may not need once you get serious. Vertical space, such as wall shelving or a garage ceiling, can also be utilized for additional storage room

Maintain Your Work

Once everything has a place, make sure you can keep it up. Organizing should be part of your cleaning routine, just like going through mail daily or straightening your desktop weekly. Stay on top of your system, especially if you have a multipurpose room, such as a guest room and home office, to make it easier to straighten when company comes or to work without distraction.

You may also decide that even organizing does not give you the room you need. If that sounds like you, contact the Ian Perlman team to see real estate with room for your lifestyle. Contact us to see what is available in your favorite Philly neighborhoods.

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