5 Features Buyers Are Looking for in Newly Renovated or Built Homes

Often, the most competitive real estate listings are the ones that are up with the latest trends in décor. In Philly, renovating older homes is big business. If you are planning to sell a renovated or newly-built home in 2019, the five features below will help you attract more attention from potential buyers.

Tuxedo Kitchens

For some time, white has been the go-to color for kitchens. However, the latest trend is bringing black back. A combination of white countertops and backsplashes with black accents creates a chic, eye-catching tuxedo look. These are some kitchen elements you can anticipate seeing in black:

  • Cabinets
  • Island bases
  • Range hoods
  • Cabinet pulls and accent pieces
  • Countertops with black accents

It also solves one of the biggest issues with white kitchens: keeping things clean. Black hides more in the room that is most likely to have spills and messes.

Also, gaining steam this year are bold cabinets colors and accents. Right after the tuxedo kitchen look; Navy cabinets, white counters and brushed gold are becoming more and more beloved in new homes.

Kitchen’s That Open to Outdoor Spaces

Entertaining on warm summer evenings is even more enjoyable when indoor and outdoor spaces connect. Many homebuyers are looking for kitchen areas with large doorways and even collapsible walls that lead to patios and decks. While this won’t work year-round in Philly, it is still an attractive feature, especially for homes with a view.

Accent Rooms

Accent walls have long been a popular way to add some color and depth to an interior space. Increasingly popular, however, are accent rooms. Rather than a single wall in a bold color, many homeowners are opting to paint an entire room in a strong color. Popular choices include navy and forest green.

Light Wood Floors

Many experts are predicting that the popularity of dark wood floors is coming to an end this year. Many home buyers are starting to shift towards seeking lighter colors. Materials like birch and light oak are excellent options. This coloring helps bring more light and warmth to the room, creating a more open feel.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is growing in popularity as well, especially lights that add a unique flair to the room. Pendant lighting helps illuminate your kitchen island and dining table. If you have a monotone kitchen, which has been quite popular in recent years, the pendants will add some jewel tones for extra color. It is a simple way to add depth and warmth to your kitchen space.

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